Monday, November 30, 2020

*  book recommendation

"high output management"

|_already a gold mine of tools and terms in the first few pages



    scheduled delivery, acceptable quality, lowest cost

    process, assembly, test

     output, limiting steps, offset the steps against each other, 

    specialists, capital equipment, most cost-effective deployment of resources

     continuous operation, functional test, in process inspection, incoming or receiving inspection, opportunity at risk

     lowest value stage, 


    forecast, variance, raw material inventory, equipment, manpower, quality indicator, pairing indicators,      measurement - output & activity ,physical countable quantity, 


* video recommendation


james clear seems to have all the tricks in a straight line

( i should read Locke some day !!!)

triangle band of level of detail to focus on

Thursday, November 26, 2020

 de-stratified a bit yesterday post a status update that was a bit better than a non-thing and so eased out into fields of delight, in my case turns to cybernetics/systems , lisp and ai. 

(fields i don't do anything about coz the morning comes and the soul stratifies like the pair of trousers you stopped wearing before the holidays)

easing out has taken slightly more concrete steps beyond day dreaming, and beyond writing the names on pieces of paper that i carry around like some split personality trying to communicate to the other

anyways, reading has convinced me to move past scheme to lisp.

it means sicp can ease out of the scheme iron constraint

also , AI. means AIMA not PAIP

i had a copy of AIMA after the strand exit - before the yahoo/mu-sigma trench-mud-blood events.

in the gap, instead of AIMA or clojure, I did java and android due to phenomenal  gaslighting (they did it so casually and easily)  by a wondrous peer group and , of course, my low immunity to peer pressure and a narrow environment due to being jobless.

anyways, i now have aima, tanimoto-ai-lisp, and winston AI and winston lisp books. 

all the rambling of galcon,chess, pacman, trading bots etc all boils down to chapters of aima.

udacity also had the ball going and i have the ai classes downloaded too. it started with norvig ai course then all sub topics had courses. 

all i needed to do was sit down and grind away instead of watching himym

as i keep saying nowadays ( dunno why)   zen + lisp + ai = tao

the shift started when i wrote horrible code, bought clean code, wow'd and aha'd at the content, then wondered if using a framework would wash the blood off my hands and keep my code understandable

I chanced upon j-easy   (probably because I  subconsciously attract all easy), and thought

" I'll just rewrite my application in workflows, state machines and a rule engine"

The rule engine started a search on baeldung + rule engine ( naturally) , and that threw up JESS and expert shells, and that started a sideways shift to JESS rules in lisp,  then lisp,  then the tons of AI and LiSP books lying around in the ATT Bell Labs office which probably ended up getting mulched, and of which I picked none ( tragic, but that's the self-flagellating road I walked)

now to see if jeasy saves the bacon, and spares up time for the sidey mcsides campaign, or not.

we did conclude that Jim Rohn time ( time spent working on yourself) must be taken from work time, as there is no more personal time....  

also, side note - do not forget standing desks -they are the first pawn against a bad back

jack reacher


Wednesday, November 25, 2020


 reading articles

 - some are  hard hitting

Why programming so hard

 the one about mental conditions

With the succinct description of cognitive therapy exercise

So many oh my god you too moments

Last time I felt this was when reading zmm the first time

Searching for lisp got me gold

Tankard beard article (india is full of tankard beard)

No strange shit in lisp or self or io

Mobile apps universe is extremely shallow and broad and stops you from living a full life

(Music,writing, bicycles are long term beneficial high learning curve things -alan kay)

Computers are supposed to be bicycles for the kind  but are horrendously unnecessarily complex

And experts are those who know and suffer the shortcomings and pain of the language

Cross reference tankardbeards and community exclusiveness

Cross reference pay your dues

I will link the articles and detailed analysis soon

Ides have 5 levels of power, last one being past computational and few people get there

Just wow

How to do objects better

The pl personality test is humor but too accurate to dismiss

Tuesday, November 24, 2020

good vs smart vs truth 

godel showed no truths can be expressed in language 

kathy sierra has a post on when the glib win we all lose 

that leaves good 

pirsig said "do we need to be told" 

so ,seriously, there is nothing to be said 

yet the tao sells a lot of books !

Monday, November 23, 2020

 too late i realise i don't want to be a monk, monks ain't cool, why was i so obsessed with this stuff anyway ? must've been all the kung-fu movies ...... damn you shaw brothers

 Nobody sets out to do bad in cold blood. 

They always set out to do right, the good the profitable. 

It's more common to be 'profitable , morals be damned' , but even then there is almost always a  story rationalising  how the other side are better off, or had it coming, cos profitable don't accrue to an undeserving soul.

The soul happens to be a suite of stories, starring the self, and leaders have learnt to rewrite the stories of the multitudes at will.

There are no facts inside the head, only stories. There are no things inside the head, only metaphors.

Waking up needs two threads, one of  unpacking the stories, and another of taking genuine action. there is always a spark, a call.

You need to build out our story event by event, and reading others' stories only delays writing your own

it's necessary to be not-good-enough in all areas and aspects except one, and being just good-enough at that. else each effort will be tinged with  failure to meet 'greatness' standards, and the tinges will accumulate to build up enough spiritual plaque and soon enough you'll have a burn out - the spiritual equivalent of a heart attack


you cannot do what is right. you can only do what seems right to you. and if it isn't good to you, it fails the 'is-it-right' test. 

morality, like achievements, is what the last guy did. while it does get handed down to us on stone tablets , they are ( cue Captain Barbossa here)   more like guidelines. The Steve Jobs quote about walls is probably the most profound gift that the man has given to the world, and the ipod and iphone and itunes just being an illustration of that, the 'ma', and Emerson's "know what is true for you is true for the world ..."


the opening lines and points of all self help books stand like unsurmountable stone walls that I must break with only my head....    one day I will


one piece from Lord of War kept calling for my attention. 

Never go to war, especially with yourself.

Selling arms causes deaths, and unstable societies , and nasty brutish lives all around, and eventually finds its way home. (But all evil is just potential in need of transformation, later )

so, selling arms to make good for yourself, vs the world.

so, personal profit ,vs, the world. 

this is a question that will be asked every step of the way, but some large scale choices gives you time to build larger things and change status-quo s in more powerful ways. still large power of good breeds large power of evil (star wars, anyone ?)

--- --- ---

here's an idear. time spent reading email counts as addiction, and away from your real work of cathedral building. or tilling your own plot of voltaire land.

--- --- ---

in personal life, I separate the mind and body and personal, and in my work, I cannot keep the object model ,the domain model and the implementation model separate. 

thanks to, and sadhguru book.

--- --- ---

logic is an animal in the mind zoo. there are others too. and a 'human' is nothing more than an animal who can consistently put in a quasi formal-logical system what happens 'out there' in the world outside the darkness behind the eyes (credit TP)

 -- -- 

Locke said about 3 things the mind can do with ideas . A variation is to put the things that make you feel,  in a , and this is important , straight line

aside - inventory site for emotions and activities - a new face for the todo list. feedback will feed your heart rate and a manually added tag  - one of  :)  or :|  or :(  or :\ or :P.   to it, to set the sort order.


we could sell it to shrinks



For the well read but unwise, the own self and spark stand out as weird, as exposure to the variety out there will set yourself far from the mean, and unconventional and weird and to be stamped out,  when ironically, that distance from the mean is what makes one normal in the non statistical sense, AND defines normal in the statistical one.

Thus the conformist kills the spark within and wanders ,listening life ,like old herons in fished out ponds

All progress needs a paradoxical or complementary pair of attitudes, goals and or skills. 

Good and bad most always reside together in the same person.the analytical, with a list of goods and bans will never draw a line separating the world into two. 

And people see, hear and believe what they want. Sometimes, they want right, good and profitable.

Tools of the heart:applied buddhist technique

Sunday, November 22, 2020

 Where is your locus of control ?

 Is it within  ?

 If not, its time to talk about  power of events over you, and boundaries, where they are , and how things,events and persons make you feel

Thursday, November 19, 2020

 whomever the goddess of logic touches, are like klein bottles - not palatable by regulars