Monday, May 29, 2023

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robert wright why buddhism is true

they say 

- zen is for poets

- tibetan buddhism is for artists, and

 - vipassana is for psychotherapists

no essence to things - you notice a weed isn't really a weed 

all any buddhist meditation helps you calm down the lizard and monkey and quieten the elephant 

so that a hint of the potential is made available

other religions give you the hint from the outside, by drawing pictures

Wednesday, May 24, 2023

 sacre moo !!

Thursday, May 18, 2023

 when you walk carrying a vessel of water

then turn ,say right, and keep walking

the water continues to move in the direction you were moving before you turned

it sets up a wave in that direction and back

this wave represents what the ancient sages named citta

it continues on its transverse journey, attenuated, dying down over time

it's the karma that needs to be worked out

you could harness it, or sit still until it dies out, although there's a good chance the universe won't allow that

what you can't do is damp it  by pushing down with your hands

reading S.Vivekananda's book on Patanjali's Yoga Sutras

Wednesday, May 17, 2023

effectiveness in  business is governed by a weighted average of skills against a backdrop of economy and politics

effectiveness as a programmer, or a job, depends on one skill against a backdrop of economy and politics

therefore business is robust, because a loss, failure, or tragedy in one area won't kill you but the rest of your skills will keep you alive, while the experience makes you stronger

a job isn't robust, because each loss, failure, or tragedy, takes you further out of the race and away from the edge (hardwood-bigend edge)

Thursday, May 11, 2023


Friday, May 05, 2023

covering the spectrum of male-female dynamics in all species,  the outlier is that certain species of spider, in which the female kills the male immediately after mating... in all others, it takes time

Wednesday, May 03, 2023

 Male choice of weapon is a club or cudgel

The womans choice of weapon is a needle somfine you wont feel it but bleed internally for days

draining notes - under pre-rozabal influence

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a satellite-catcher ship, patrolling the  'sphere, large net and magnetic tow lines hanging

bringing in all the junk deprecated satellites

hey look ! this one's an Iridium one !

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It's like battleship but on land. 


Ok, that's not what I meant

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What did the Whirling Dervish say in the zoom call

Let me circle back to you on this

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Cities are the bedrock of bedrock-less-ness,  a glacier of culture that holds sway , with just as much inevitability ;washes away in what  seems moments in the longer course of history

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weighted fonts.

on Konsole

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The Left seems to have found a switch in men, that causes them to hand over a portion of their  reward for  toil, to seemingly undeserved , for 'the sake of others'

All of human enterprise involves finding such switches. And there seem to be many

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Eastern religion's use of water to store and transmit mind-impressions. Heavy metals esconced in stone too. Both Hinduism and Buddhism. Water in a container as an essential component of eastern rituals

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story, x axis blacklist international man of mystery spy agent etc etc 

y axis a random-forest a GA and Bach fugue manifesting fractally...

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The platform where no trains stop

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The word is an abstraction, or signifier ? or command ? either can be a command. An abstraction technically boils down to a signifier, a pointer to experience and, say, images of the motorcycle from both sides (thanks ZMM)

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Psycho physics : built up neural charge vs built-up neural charge

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Spectator tee

"I am an NPC " tee

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Hockey stick curve. Not Field Hockey ,dammit !!

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Is consciousness inside ? or just behaviour ?

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my prison grows with me, a brick with each thing I learn

my prison without walls

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Iron Snail Bicycle Company

slower than a speeding car

slower than a bicycle

slower than a pedestrian

very slow actually

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What if the Indians were right and each life is just an avatar playing in a video game world, but the Egyptians were also right, and the way to go back is via the pyramids, transmission of soul data

There used to be a, there IS a world wide network of pyramids. In India, they're carved into Gopurams in some places.

They represent terminals/ports for ethereal data to pass through. The one in Kailash one is the command centre.

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You're stressed because your energy is scattered at the higher levels of the Maslow pyramid. So, for control, we start with a lower level threat that regroups scattered energy back into one level.

By Fasting , your mind focusses on the existential and expedient ( aka "life now"), letting larger worries, such as failure on the higher levels of the pyramid,  slide. 

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Real posts on LinkedIn. yeah

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Art aims for a border, where a thing isn't, but mysterious is too

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How do controlling sub-groups arise within groups ? self-selecting based on attributes  -  pets?  sneakers ? blink ? F1 ? European soccer ? ...signifiers , professing trust and faithfulness in idols 

Individualism index for groups

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Random Forest  bagging and boosting at social level.

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Liquid panty remover. Glenfidditch

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Top dollar things are linearly costlier than the next lower in class, but are exponentially better in value, not to mention signal quality

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vegetarianism boosts symbolic-to-body-felt mappings ,allowing the seer to feel in the body what the brain sees. Stronger second arrows (but positively)


vegetarianism, exercise, concentration boosts knowing-via-the-body of symbolic thought things.

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experiment : Sadhguru quotes via proactive! guy

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believing in fairy tales, selling hopes and dreams. Why the devout flourish in jobs that need yarn

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program that produces code as side effect, then computes that too

(GA ? central spine with GA and peripheral sensing, measuring programs, and a 'judging' brain program)

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Cut through spiritual materialism

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Original is over-rated. very few things are original. improvisations and adaptations serve enterprise very profitably

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reflect well

reflect a multitude of things

be a mosaic

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executives hew to a larger abstraction than operatives, smaller than that of leaders or politicians

it's a bad idea to seat them at the same dinner table

 Core Technique

Turn the mark towards their inner self. Such experiences are pre-persona and hence pre-social-animal.
Therefore, they are always genuine. The inner sheaths are those of ananda.
The bringer of genuine experience are always, if not trusted, relied upon like child on parent.
This is the core technique of human manipulation, whether by cults, religions, Steve Jobs' reality distorter field, or by charismatic leaders.
We can see references to this in popular culture -  in the Last Airbender, the villains plot to kill Aang when in Avatar mode , because he is most vulnerable then ..

Government, Economics, Enterprise

What had me stymied and clay-footed for a long time was the idea that intelligent people are more likely to be liberal and tolerant. This led to a constant never-ending stream of win-lose situations.

Thomas Sowell saying that conservatives believe that each 'soul' is flawed and hence trade-offs are necessary seems to make a lot more sense. This, however, clashes with the above line and leads me to draw a new conclusion .. that means Left does not equal liberal.. 

The Left I know will typically walk up to a man returning from fishing, and demand half his fish, because, well, he has so many and they have none.

Following the conservative cred,  we conclude therefore,  that there can never be a perfect world, only one where one problem is alleviated by a lesser one taken on in exchange.

This cred of economics == scarcity is enshrined in the chapter on prices in his book on economics.

The first scarcity is of right to not being killed violently by man, the second to not being killed by starvation, cold, burnt by the sun drowned in the rains, set upon by wild animals, disease .... 

Government takes care of these. In exchange, it asks you to keep alive the system that brought it into being, by choosing democracy(?) and following its written laws.

Everything else is the work of (enterprise) man.

What recommends commerce to me is its enterprise and bravery. It does not clasp its hands and pray to Jupiter.       - Thoreau ,  Walden

By the turn of the century (1900?),  we had seen multiple control systems come and go.  Largest of the lot, the apex predators of these super-organisms were the monarchies and theocracies. Rule by kings, rule in fear of man-made God. From the time of the Egyptians mankind has recorded these political systems  come and go, each one flowering anew then snuffed out by another in a fugue of experimentation and variation, like a social genetic algorithm running its course. Each iteration did one better than the other in some way, the democracy of greeks beaten by the king-god form of top down control of the Persians, the guerrilla cheng/chi attacks of the riders , the innovative empire generating war machines unheard of  before, such as the  legionaries of the  romans and the Chinese war machines ... until today, if you see carefully, you'll see a flavour of ALL of those in our successful democratic business empires of today.

We can conclude, that nature seeks variety, and systems need to learn and keep variety in their stores. Usually as humans. 

This trail eventually leads to Emerson and Transcendentalism, but that's for another day